How to Keep Gyms Clean and Sanitized

Published February 4th, 2022 by Master Cleaning SVC

Gyms don't have to be a breeding ground for COVID-19, but public opinion says otherwise. Unfortunately, 59% of Americans don't plan to renew their gym membership after the pandemic, so facilities need to do what they can to win their members back. That starts with cleanliness!

However, you have to follow specific guidelines if you want your fitness facility to shine. Let's talk about proper gym cleaning plans in 2022.

Create a Gym Cleaning Plan

Setting strict policies for your gym's cleanliness is the way to go. Once you have these policies in place and written down, it will be much easier to enforce them over time.

If you need help, ask your members or staff for ideas. Many will be happy to inform you of their concerns, issues they've noticed, and more, which is valuable information that can help you along the way.

Go Over Gym Cleaning Protocols With Staff

It's no secret that gym floors, machines, and other equipment get dirty. As a result, we strongly recommend going over cleaning protocols with staff to ensure consistent outcomes and enforcing these policies over time.

Remember, commercial cleaning includes windows, floors, equipment, and a lot more. Try to go through the list as thoroughly as possible.

Let Your Members Help

Encourage your members to clean their equipment before and after each use. Place signs throughout the gym and notify them in your newsletters. If you want to go one step above, make it a requirement and ask staff to enforce these rules.

Essentially, there's no substitute for having as many hands as possible on deck. If you have two staff on the floor at a time, it's unlikely they can clean every machine multiple times throughout the day. Even if they could, that would be a waste of their time.

Consequently, you can bridge these gaps by leaving cleaning products available around the gym and asking your members to clean the equipment after each use. Of course, you won't get 100% of them, but you can maximize your reach by making it easier for them.

Conversely, the more available the cleaning materials are and the easier they are to use, the more frequently people will use them. Leaving large buckets of wipes available throughout the floor is ideal.

Use the Right Cleaning Products

Again, wipes are ideal to disinfect a gym but don't stop there. The right types of wipes are more important, as they need to be effective against COVID-19 and similar pathogens. You always want to follow the gym protocols laid out by the CDC.

It's also good to have handwashing stations or hand sanitizer available for guests and to have staff use more heavy-duty cleaning products when they make their rounds to ensure a deeper clean.

Hire Professional Help

When it comes to gym cleaning, there's no substitute for professional gym cleaning services. Sweat, dirt, and pathogens spread quickly throughout a gym, so hiring professionals occasionally is the best way to ensure your gym stays in good shape (pun intended).

Stay up to date with our latest cleaning news and feel free to contact us to learn more about our commercial cleaning services!

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